LIEU LE is a Norwegian conceptual designer and artist from Norway. She graduated from London College of Fashion in 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design Technology. Her work is highly influenced by both Scandinavian and Asian cultures, emphasising the fusion of art, technology, spiritual belief and performance. The moon as an astronomical body is an essential part of LIEU LE’s vision and is a symbol of a future on the moon and an expression of “spiritual calmness”. LIEU LE was selected as one of the finalist for Raw Talent 2015 and her work has been featured in Vogue, Glamour, Hunger Magazine, HUF and Cake Mag to name a few.

Beside to her own work, LIEU LE has been working as freelance designer. LIEU LE has worked as a designer for the Norwegian brand KYGO LIFE, co-designing the Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection. She has also gained experience working for well established brands in London such as Victoria Beckham, Cottweiler and KTZ.

She is currently living in Denmark, working in the design team of the Scandinavian brand, Rains.