MÅNE performance 2018

MÅNE meaning the moon in Norwegian, is an essential part of Lieu’s vision. The full moon as an astronomical body symbolises power, new beginnings and spiritual healing. MÅNE aims to take the audience on a journey of renewal, exploring the imagery and power of the moon as a conceptual artefact. Lieu has directed and created the scenography of MÅNE. The music was specially composed for the performance in collaboration with Tri Minh, Vietnamese Electronic Artist based in Copenhagen.

Through this performance Lieu is working with her costumes and performers to explore the idea of “spiritual calmness”. Lieu works to create immersive spaces that incorporate design, fashion and performance which engage with this journey. MÅNE was presented at By Other Means from 13th to 14th of July in East London.

Gallery: ByOtherMeans

Music: Tri Minh

Dancers: Sophie Holland and Ralista Chepisheva 

Lunar Lamp: Ununliving and Acorn Studio